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Almighty Father, Lover of the highest virtue, and Nourishing Spirit, born of both, with equal right, triple in person, but one in true deity, you who live a life everlasting and who will perpetually hold the highest priesthood—grant salvation for now and forever to glorious Erkambold, worthy of a famous name, so that he may grow within filled with holy inspiration and may be a medicine prepared for many men in time to come. Holy bishop of God, now receive the gifts of your servant, which a feeble and trivial sinner by the name of Geraldus, has decided to produce for you from his generous love—for he is sure of heart and your faithful pupil. May the Father, governing the heavens and earth from on high, grant the thing for which I pray continually to the Lord who thunders through all the heavens, namely that you obtain by your action what I produce in speech.
Servant of the highest God, don't look down upon the words of this little book. It does not sing the nourishing works of God but resounds the wondrous deeds of a young man, named Walter, a man maimed through much fighting. It is intended more for play than for prayer to the Lord. When read through, it shortens the long hours of the day.
May you, holy priest, be happy through further years, and may Geraldus your dear brother be in your mind!