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[[Categoria:Oceania Lontana]]
== Three Qualifications for the New Politician ==
There are plenty of politicians who genuinely desire to serve their communities and nations with humility and integrity, dedicating their lives to the cultivation of a wisdom that will benefit society at large; sadly, they are a minority.
[[http://goodvillenews.com/Three-Qualifications-for-the-New-Politician-227DZ2.html Three Qualifications for the New Politician]]
[[http://goodvillenews.com/wk.html goodville news]]
== 7 Essential Books on Optimism ==
Every once in a while, we all get burned out. Sometimes, charred. And while a healthy dose of cynicism and skepticism may help us get by, its in those times that we need nothing more than to embrace lifes promise of positivity with open arms. Here are seven wonderful books that help do just that with an arsenal ranging from the light visceral stimulation of optimistic design to the serious neuroscience findings about our proclivity for the positive.
[[http://goodvillenews.com/7-Essential-Books-on-Optimism-6pgcLt.html 7 Essential Books on Optimism]]
[[http://goodvillenews.com/wk.html goodville news]]
== How to Think Like an Ecosystem ==
Gradually its dawned on me: We humans are creatures of the mind. We perceive the world according to our core, often unacknowledged, assumptions. They determine, literally, what we can see and what we cannot. Nothing so wrong with that, perhapsexcept that, in this crucial do-or-die moment, were stuck with a mental map that is life-destroying.
[[http://goodvillenews.com/How-to-Think-Like-an-Ecosystem-YZEJSQ.html How to Think Like an Ecosystem]]
[[http://goodvillenews.com/wk.html goodville news]]
== How To Make Peace With Imperfection ==
If you look closely at a tree youll notice its knots and dead branches, just like our bodies. What we learn is that beauty and imperfection go together wonderfully. Matthew Fox
[[http://goodvillenews.com/How-To-Make-Peace-With-Imperfection-AOuD91.html How To Make Peace With Imperfection]]
[[http://goodvillenews.com/wk.html goodville news]]
== The Importance of Imagination ==
While growing up, Id never really considered how important it is to be imaginative. Its a childhood profession, you could say. It comes naturally. Then we hit an age when were presented with a scantron of bubble-in options, a template for a CV that we need to create, and Excel. At that point, our learning has to fit into certain parameters: within that little bubble, within the one page limit, and within a tiny digital graph. So, what happens to our imagination?It seems to fade.
[[http://goodvillenews.com/The-Importance-of-Imagination-BvyL3n.html The Importance of Imagination]]
[[http://goodvillenews.com/wk.html goodville news]]

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